Dive into a Culinary World Where Tradition Meets Taste.

Our meals are crafted with love and dedication. We do this to uphold the highest standards of dietary purity and to tantalize the palate. Each dish reveals a story of heritage, celebration of culture and dedication to better nutrition. Quality becomes paramount as we age, and our kosher dining ensures every meal is a symphony of flavor and health.

With kosher meals, you can rest assured that all animals have been treated ethically, ensuring superior food cleanliness and higher quality. Moreover, the practice of keeping meat and dairy separate improves digestion. Coupled with the diverse range of dishes spanning from briskets to blintzes, kosher dining at CESLC is healthier and incredibly delicious.

However, if eating kosher isn’t a priority, or you consider yourself “kosher light,” residents can prepare meals in the privacy of their own personal kitchens. Plus, just outside the community, you will find many non-kosher restaurant options.

Kosher breakfast and dinner are served daily in our spacious dining room. Residents can enjoy lunch or pick up grab-and-go meals at Café 1801 in the afternoon.

Not feeling social or would prefer dining privately? Room service delivery is available with advance notice.

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