Where Lifestyle & Longevity Meet.

Instead of viewing aging through the traditional lens of lifespans, we subscribe to the Stanford Center of Longevity’s findings that today’s modern elders want to change the conversation to health spans. We believe longevity and lifestyle must coexist synergistically, each enhancing and improving the other for long-term wellness.

To that purpose, Charles E. Smith Life Communities invites you to immerse yourself in a vibrant community where a love for fine art, music, intellectual exploration, culture and history thrives. Surrounding yourself with fellow enthusiasts fosters a stimulating environment that nourishes your mind, heart and soul. Engaging in cultural experiences, sharing insights, and creating meaningful connections ignite a sense of fulfillment and well-being.

Studies show that such interactions contribute to cognitive vitality, emotional richness and a deeper appreciation of the world we live in. Join us to embrace a lifestyle where creativity and curiosity flourish, enhancing your overall health and happiness through a shared passion for the arts and intellectual pursuits.

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What is important to you is important to us.

Our West Campus offers three living options, each with its own social and cultural ecosystem to provide life-enriching experiences. So whether you choose independent living, assisted living or memory care, you’ll find the residential choice best suited to you.

Staying healthy, well-balanced, mentally sharp and thoughtfully engaged are important. At CESLC, our residents influence the lifestyle options offered based on their preferences. Resident input is highly valued in program development.

Rooted in Jewish faith. Open to all.

At CESLC, we deliver innovative and high-quality care for older adults of all faiths, guided by our Jewish values. Our programs and services are open to everyone — we prioritize and respect each residents’ personal choices, beliefs and dignity as a core part of our mission.

That is because we are more than just bodies. We are spiritual beings who long to live in a community grounded in universal values. Each resident’s physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual well-being is our top priority.

Residents and their families appreciate that we value people in their totality. We bring a rich tapestry of experiences and activities to address the whole person and all of life — delivered in remarkably beautiful settings conducive to overall well-being.

CESLC Offers:
  • Weekly Torah study and Shabbat services.
  • Weekly Christian Bible study and bimonthly Christian services.
  • Individual prayer and counseling with trained chaplains.
  • Meditation and mindfulness classes.

The better you feel, the greater the possibilities.

While our Ring House independent living community is designed for active adults, we also offer a range of amenities to keep you healthy and doing what you love most. From preventative screenings with our primary care physicians to personalized in-home support and therapy services, we can deliver the quality care you need — should you need it — to feel like your best self.

For those who need more support, assisted living at Landow House offers a quality lifestyle with empowering services to keep you healthy. Connections at Landow House offers full one-bedroom apartments, suitable for couples or singles. Cohen-Rosen House offers award-winning memory support based on the latest research and design, and it’s right here on our campus.

Simply put, we have 113 years of expert practice to deliver the best day possible for each of our residents.

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