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Ring House Community Living 101


Whether a solo ager or a couple, this LifeLAB event will give you all the details and differences between entrance fee contracts, rental, for-profit vs. non-profit, all how CESLC offers you the best of all possible options. Residents from Ring House will take your questions!

Real Estate Tips On Staging & Selling Your Home


Every experienced real estate pro knows this: How you stage your home affects its price and how quickly it sells. Whether you’re moving soon or down the road, it’s smart to start decluttering and prepping your place for sale ASAP. Join us, led by a top-notch real estate expert, to learn the tricks of the trade used by staging pros to get homes market-ready.

Gardening Extravaganza: Container Garden Workshop

THURSDAY, MAY 16 • 11 A.M.

Calling all gardeners. Join us to inaugurate our independent living Gardening Club at Ring House, complete with in-ground and elevated gardens. Attendees will connect with other gardening enthusiasts and beginners interested in gardening in the Maryland area. A limited number of flowers and herbs will be make available for your own background garden or planter’s box.

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