Five Ways Older Adults Can Stay Active in the Winter

Five Ways Older Adults Can Stay Active in the Winter

Five Ways Older Adults Can Stay Active in the Winter

Staying active and enjoying the outdoors is a great way to stay healthy during winter, but it can be challenging to find motivation during those colder months. This is especially true of older adults, who should stay as active as possible to avoid falling prey to the consequences of prolonged inactivity.

Read on to learn about five ways older adults can live an active lifestyle in the winter.

1. Work Out in Your Residence

An easy way to maintain health is with simple body weight exercises and stretching. Whether you’d like to do chair yoga in your residence or prefer to use our fitness center, you can stay in shape the way you want. Strength, balance and stretching are all critical to maintaining physical health, so it helps to outline a workout plan that nets you at least 2 1/2 hours of focused exercise each week.

2. Exercise the Mind

It might be considered a less common form of exercise, but keeping your brain nimble has long-lasting benefits. At Charles E. Smith Life Communities, we offer a lifelong learning curriculum to keep residents thinking, learning, laughing, and conquering new intellectual horizons.

3. Attend a Wellness Class in the Fitness Center

Our residences feature fitness centers that make residents’ holistic wellness their top focus. Take a wellness-oriented course, hit the gym, or sign up for a session with a personal trainer. Whatever your emotional or physical fitness goals might be, Charles E. Smith Life Communities is here to support you.

4. Spend Time with Friends and Family

Our residences are open to visitors to come share in new experiences and make new memories, something that eliminates the effects of older adults’ isolation. Invite family, friends and neighbors over to play games, watch movies, or make snacks or desserts. Drop by the art studio, catch up in the sunroom, or enjoy coffee on the community’s outdoor terrace when the weather’s nice.

5. Start or Join a Walking Group

Another easy way to stay active during the winter is to start your own group for walks, “… which is among the most cost-effective and accessible means of exercise,” according to Psychology and Aging. Or, if you’re a resident at Charles E. Smith Life Communities, you can just join one of our communities’ walking clubs.

A 112-Year Legacy of Unparalleled Commitment

Charles E. Smith Life Communities’ network of residences has been caring for older adults since 1910. We offer independent living and a full suite of care services, including assisted livingmemory carepost-acute care and long-term care.

Learn more about how Charles E. Smith Life Communities helps residents stay active and engaged at one of our upcoming events.